There are situations that you must deal with as a person to keep your company running. In this case, pests. Nothing can damage your reputation, like seeing pests crawling or flying around in your work space. Preventing pests from invading your premises is the best way of managing these menacing creatures. But as soon as they set up shop in your work environment, then look for the most appropriate control and eradication pest control measure. We at Pest Control Davis offer the best pest control services that should help rid your business of these pesky creatures for good.

The Services We Offer

Pest Control Davis prides itself on being the best-equipped pest control company with the best-trained team to handle all types of pest infestations. Quality is our company’s image. Thus, the need to provide nothing short of perfection to our customers in commercial premises, schools, homes, and even restaurants. Our primary objective is to find, control, and eradicate all pests in your premises.

We offer pest control, treatment and maintenance services, commercial property control, among other services at the most affordable prices. Controlling and eradicating pests from commercial premises businesses essential.

We provide services to control and eradicate all types of pests.


We at Pest Control Davis use many different techniques to control and eradicate flies from business premises. Our experts use FlyWeb Fly Light, Luralite Professional, Automatic Aerosol Dispensers, Fly Spot Program, Insect light traps, WS-85 Wall Sconce, Fly Lures, and Drain Gels. These are the most effective tools, chemicals, and techniques to eradicate all flies from your business premises.


Rodent prevention is crucial to ensuring the success of a business. The best control measures for these measures that our team provide include bait stations, Liquitox Watering Stations, rodent proofing/ exclusion, and Glueboards/T-rex’s/Snap Traps. However, the best method to use in the case of rats is by applying preventive maintenance practices.


Pest Control Davis uses numerous effective methods to control and eradicate bird infestations from businesses. For the case of birds, our experts apply a combination of good sanitation, exclusion, and good prevention methods that also ensure the safety of your business. The methods we use to control birds include bird netting, bird spikes, quality catch, and release program, Hot Foot, Bird Shock Flex Track, Avitrol, and Daddi Long Legs. The bird control methods we use, however, depend on the bird pests your business is suffering from.

Burrowing Rodents

These rodents can also pose a threat to the overall structural integrity of your infrastructure if not controlled in time. In the case of burrowing rodents, Pest Control Davis prefers to use Fumitoxin, Strychnine, and Rodenator to make your business less desirable to these pests.

Bed Bugs

Yes, business environments also suffer from bed bug infestations. Bud bug infestations in business spaces are even more embarrassing that home dwellings. Thus, the need to eradicate these pests immediately you notice any crawling around. We use both chemical treatment and non-chemical treatment options to fight bed bug infestations in business. It depends on the type and degree of infestation.

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