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When hiring any pest control companies in Davis, many typically believe that stability of the foundation is the main focus of the inspection when, in reality, serious foundation problems are among the some of least common building defects and most of the problems will come from termites and dry rot. Below are the “top ten “ most common defects found in residential real estate when it comes to termite inspections in Davis.

Common Termite Inspections

Roofing Termite Inspections:

Problems with roofing material, due to dry rot, termite, dampwood termites or drywood termites, are likely to be found in the majority of homes. This does not mean that most roofs require replacement, but rather that most could use some type of pest control and termite maintenance or repair.

Water Intrusion Termite Inspection:

Sometimes very damaging to buildings termites can be removed and can be solved this problem. Correction can be as simple as calling hydrex pest control of Davis and getting our Termite inspection team out there as soon as possible. Some termites can damage roof gutters, and your water will cause many problems throuout the house.

Electrical Termite Inspection:

Some of the things that a termite can damage may include; ungrounded outlets, fault interrupters, shock protection devices, and faulty wiring conditions. If termite do get into these places you will have big problems on your hands. Termites can crawl into electrical panels or elsewhere in a building, etc. Give Hydrex Termite Inspection team a call today.

Temite infected Rotted wood (dry rot):

In areas where wood remains wet for long periods, e.g. roof eaves, exterior trim, decks, around tubs and showers, or below loose toilets, temite infection is likely to attack, resulting in a condition commonly known as dry rot. If left unchecked, damage can be quite extensive.

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